Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Good day at the shop..DEV came by Kingdom today with the most inviting attitude. I've been down with her since the beginning.. blast off kids.. 2nite.. Fireball.. overall a very cool person I enjoy following. Her passion for her music is soo intense.. the type of intensity that could make an average person hyped and influential toward a goal they have! Im telling you this girl as her mom says "wow he has his head on right!" vise We spoke about a collab piece dropping soon between us that will be another dope addition to the street culture & fashion that I cannot wait to release so be on peep for that! GO CHECK OUT HER MUSIC NOW!
thanks for coming through Dev

My cuz AKA the homey Nick AKA Nickosaurus! came all the way from the bayy to hang with the Kingdom fam! We kill everytime we ride together! this fools been down with me since day one. He's a real example to family first.."ride or die"..haha We had a great ass time chillin at the shop today talkin bullshit with the crew and eating mongo BBQ! cant get any better then that. He's goin to school for business and plans on running shit with me one day..who knows.. may even become apart of the royal all I know is I got this fools back and he's coming along for the journey!

thanks for coming through homey

Fatima also came through the shop to say wuddupp to the crew. She's on her grind right noW developing cut & sew designs to display to the world! lol or as most of her bios say.. to infinity and BEYONDDD BITCH!..well.. through the bitch part in for hype..but you get it..haha anyways peep her out at

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