Sunday, March 21, 2010



Was out in the bay with my cuzn Nick runnin around the streets on a beautiful day.. took him to meet a few peeps of mine in the city in the industry. GET WIDDIT

Maestro Knows Hawaii

Maestro Knows - Episode 5 (Hawaiian Vacation) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So the time has arrived..Im 21 and it feels amazing to be alive! 21 only comes once in your life. So where is best to celebrate for a lil preparty??? MIKUNI'S!!! Its definitely my favorite sushi joint in downtown Sac and Elk Grove. My GF took me there for a few drinks and most important....ZIG ZAG rolls!!yes sir! shout out to MEGZ aka my GF for the amazing night at my favorite sushi spot! :) So the huge celebration begins on Friday the 26 in SF for a lil bit of hooka & strippas! you dont like hooka or strippers then dont come! haha jk its going down!! hope to see a lot of you there! LATEZ

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Got to kick it with Travis Barker at the FAMOUS/DTA/ROGUE STATIS booth where Alchemist was shreddin the fuckin turn tables super hard, and got to talk about future projects he has in store with music ideas and apparel as well. Travis is a cool ass cat not to mention the homey invited the kingdom crew to the the LRG and Gshock party later that night.. Vanity at hard Rock was crackin that night too!


CEO of DIAMOND SUPPLY CO, illest dude in the game as far as Im concerned.. Since the birth of Diamond the homey Nick has put out the illest product from Skate goods to dope apparel. I was definitely inspired after meeting him.


Pure Legend in my eyes MR. HUFNAGEL himself. incase you dont know..he designed that dope ass leather hat im rockin

Janessa from 9GRAND

Much to say about the homegirl Janessa of 9GRAND. She is one of the finest 9GRAND reps and definitely knows her fashion game. She not only holds it down for 9Grand, but she also works for a jewellery company known as HANCHOLO.


PAUL WALL got to show me a few pieces that Expensive Taste have to offer for spring/summer 2010. Paul is a real cool dude


Got to meet up with the homey Mega from Black Scale to talk about future pieces available for F/W 2010, and let me tell you.. their shit is gonna kill!.. Black Scale cut & sew is insane for Fall/Winter! Definitely steppin their game up in this industry bringin the high end shit to street culture, and trust me on this one you wont want to miss this drop!


Mighty Healthy had a dope set up for S.L.A.T.E. along with their very own MIGHTY HEALTHY PHOTOSHOOT BOOTH. Shit was ill and had the crowd stuck on it! enjoy the pics!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Wow, this morning was amazing, sun was shinin, coffee in my hand, kingdom bound.. but now that sun went away and the clouds came back to chill for a bit and rain starts droppin. Still having a pleasant day, just wish that sun would stay out. Anyways Im at the shop chillin with the homey Harlen.. COME THROUGH

Billionaire Boys Club Series 8 Sunglasses Tortoise Shell

Super ill frame releasing from Billionaire Boys Club for spring/summer 2010 exclusively at ICE CREAM STORE TOKYO