Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It all started May 2008.. I walked into the doors of Kingdom with one line sheet consisting of 5 DREAMLIFE designs.. Without introducing myself I immediately start talking business about possibly opening an account in the boutique consisting of my line. Harlen Chau.. the owner of the Stockton shop looks at my line sheet and laughs!.."you really think I'm gonna fucking sell your line with only 5 designs to present!?" I was pist!.. lets just say I wasn't expecting this type of criticism from someone I just met..I left that the shop that day and didn't come back for the longest time. months later I returned to the shop not making any contact with Harlen which seemed to be a very awkward moment. minutes later Harlen asked me how my line was doing..I responded with just saying "good".. we then started talking and sharing ideas on what thought about brands doing shit in the game at the time and from that day we built a friendship. It became a daily stop for me to always be around the shop and to get familiar with the kingdom crew.
2009 I began working at the shop and started getting involved with crews in the industry. From there developed even more knowledge about how to run a business and maintain my line. At the beginning I don't blame Harlen for being hard on me about my line sheet.. because he has taught me so much than I thought I already knew and I am truly honored to now be apart of the ROYAL FAMILIA. A couple weeks back I presented Harlen and his brother Ray a proposal I had for Kingdom.. I asked them if I could expand the Kingdom line and take it to only those who know where sky's limit is at.. their answer...HELL YEAA!! "we've been waiting for you to say that shit!!" so from being the small dude coming in the shop at the beginning with 1 line sheet.. I am now the Creative Director for Kingdom which mainly deals with all the designing and production. Season 1 will be available 2010 showcasing at future spots such as AGENDA in LA... MAGIC in LV..and much more to come.. the line will be considered a PRIVATE LABEL at first so it will only be carried in both Kingdom locations only. This experience has not only taught me about the business but it has also taught me to never burn down my bridges cause you never know where they can take you.. SKY IS THE LIMIT


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  1. jereme that was beautiful and i look at you like inspiration... keep up the good work kid and i got you if you need any type of help.. we still gotta collab in the making u, shantell and i....lol
    -fashiin junkiiz hil