Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just the Beginning

So as I'm working on some design projects I run across some semi OG pics of myself that I took at the beginning of my designing period which make me realize how far I came within just three years. Im not famous.. Im not dumbass rich.. Im not running shit all over the world.. But I do feel confident with the work and grind I put out. All that glamorous shit can come later, till now I'm only having fun and continue hustlin'. Honestly.. the money doesn't even matter for me..I just want to be recognized in sense of walking through doors and having people be hyped because your there..anyways I've noticed in myself that I'm constantly helping people and getting to know people and that Im all about expanding my generation. Helping our generation is the only way we can enjoy the life of lavish.. fly jets to your homey's events, and do shit worldwide..

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