Monday, November 23, 2009

"I'm a Fireball . . . Bitch."

I met Dev awhile back and was immediately hooked to her dope sounds.. She has evolved so damn fast coming from the small town in Northern Cali to breaking extreme ground in the City of Angels!..LALA LAND! Over the time of her success she has teamed up with the well known crew "THE CATARACS". Together Dev & The Cataracs create ill music that continue to evolve the damn game! Overall the girl is badass! peep the interview!

How has LA made an impacted on your music?
-before LA i was a small town girl straight up, whether i liked it or
not lol. LA has helped me grow, mature, and experience. i think
you can taste some of that when you listen to tracks i've recorded
since i've been out here as opposed to the ones i recorded while still
living at home in manteca.

What’s the energy like in LA compared to being in the BAY?
-weird lol. la is a huge melting pot of random and crazy people , lots of weird energy. definitely good shit though.

So if you weren’t doing music as a career..What do you think you would be doing?
-i can't imagine doing anything else, i don't want to imagine doing
anything els lol.
before music i was planning on majoring in english or art history and
doin something with that. haha fuucckk

A lot of girls feel your style..How does fashion play a role in your music?
-"fashion and music are the perfect marriage"
this is so true, they really do go hand in hand. fashion is a dope way
of self expression and i get the
same sort of release in expressing myself through cool clothes as i do
when i sing, write, or perform. fashionis such an inspiring art form, i
guess it just makes me wanna create sexy and bad ass songs, and it
gives the visual of what i try to portray in my music. it ties it all

What is it like working for a highly respected women’s line know as HELLZ BELLZ?

-it's really awesome honestly. i absolutely love being surrounded by
the hellz bellz team, they're all amazing, so very talented, and cool as fuck!
haha. they're teaching me a lot and it's dope that i get to learn from
the best of the best.

Has HELLZ helped create an impact on your music as well?

-i do think hellz has impacted my music ever since i started working
with them. i get mad clothes from them and styling by them and i feel
that its definitely helped in creating an all around image that
insipires me to create music thats on the same sort of "strength,
individuality, and sexual empowerment with a sassy, balls to the walls
approach." tip that they go for. i've always enjoyed making music like
that, but i feel hellz has really helped me in making it more of a

What’s your favorite accessory piece produced?

-that misswax ring goes. but seriously, everything hellz puts out is
clean as fuck

1 word that describes you?

To me... HELLZ is killin it with the women’s wear! What men’s brand do you feel is on top grind at the moment?
i fuck with supreme.

Besides you.. Who do you feel is changing the game in the music bizz?
-aw thank you lol, well shit im fucking with la roux really tough right
now, its dope seeing unique females go hard in the game.
and of course my bros The Cataracs, seriously they're gona change the
game around and slap everyone in the face with their uniqueness.
they're insanely talented, it weirds me out sometimes haha. they're
gona go so hard man, for real, im excited for them.

So what future plans are in store for you?
-i just wanna do it all you know. i wanna try it all out and experience
it all.

For the KINGDOM/ROYAL FAMILIA followers explain why your music is the SHIT!! Vice to your fans that think your ILLY?
-thank you haha well idk i just like making sassy, weird, and fun shit.
so yeahhh!
to my fans who think i'm illy? i fucking love yall.


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