Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Kingdom began as a small urban boutique in Stockton CA which opened in May 2008. Kingdom has definitely proven ground by holding the title as the "Royal Famila". The crew have already shared collaborated ideas with well know brands such as Black Scale, Adapt and IMPRM including their own apparel line which were all recently released this past year. Starting the year of 09 off the kingdom family decided to expand which then lead to the opening of the Kingdom East Bay store. both boutiques carry brands such as CROOKS, BLACK SCALE, 10 DEEP, STUSSY, HUF, IN4MATION, 5TH COLUMN, ROQUE STATIS, DTA, DIAMOND SUPPLY CO, MARRIED TO THE MOB, DIMEPIECE & MORE.. over all the team continues future projects to soon hit the streets that will blow the minds of many.

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